Elbow Brace Strap with Silicone Pad

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FDA, CE and ISO 13485 Certified. High quality, ultra durable elbow brace with silicone pad protects and alleviates pain associated with weak, injured, arthritic, tennis and golf elbow. One size fits all.

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Advanced Stability and Support

Inbuilt silicone pad reduces pain and discomfort by applying fantastic compression and stability.

Long Lasting Comfort and Relief

The Inner-Fire Advanced Elbow Brace is made from Coolmax® and Airprene® technology that helps to wick away sweat for longer lasting relief and comfort.


Quality Assurance

Inner-Fire Advanced Elbow Brace is made from high quality materials and technology standards (FDA, CE and ISO 13485 Certified) that provide excellent durability.




Product Specifications

Protects and alleviates pain associated with weak, injured, arthritic, tennis and golf elbow

Silicone pad for additional stabilisation to muscle, reducing pain and fatigue

Promotes circulation for faster recovery

Aiprene® and Coolmax® technology helps to wick away sweat for longer lasting relieve and comfort

Anti-bacterial material minimises ocour

Ergonomic design for easy application

For men & women

One size fits all

31 reviews for Elbow Brace Strap with Silicone Pad

  1. Scott

    Best brace so far. I have Golfer’s Elbow and most of the ones I’ve purchased before are too wide and firm to allow me to throw a ball but this one is thinner and with just enough give to allow mobility.

  2. Lefty

    I started feeling pains in my elbow during bench press, and ever since i started wearing this during my workouts, my elbow hasn’t had any pain at all. at all. i have no idea how it works but i love it.

  3. My name is Jeff

    Great product, it has helped me with my golfers elbow. I had tried a band from the chemist and Rebels. Neither worked as well as this one. They also provide you with instructions on how to properly put the band on. I don’t feel any pain when wearing it. With the previous two there were malfunctions with the product or insufficient coverage. I would recommend this product.

  4. Sam

    I purchased the elbow brace for my dad, a carpenter who has injury in his elbows. He said that these braces put a little more pressure on his arm compared to another brace he has tried due to the compression pad and he can tell the difference in the relief it brings. He can tell these braces relieve the pain a little better than his previous brace and there is a huge difference with wearing them compared to no brace at all.

    My dad has large arms and these braces fit nicely. Overall I am pleased with the purchase.

  5. Tiffany

    I play a lot of competitive tennis and badminton. Tennis is especially tough on the elbow because the racquet is heavier and longer, and it puts a lot of strain on the tendon/muscle. Most of my friends wear one form of a device or another for added support or to prevent further injury. This compression pad is good quality – the gel pad is thick and keeps the muscle stationary and secure and that prevents further damage and lessens the discomfort.

    I was happy to use it as I barely felt any pain playing two days in a row. It provided me with great protection and support. I had bought one for a higher price before and it wasn’t as good. Great product – highly recommended.

  6. Tania

    Great product!! So happy I made this purchase! Helps alot with my tennis elbow!

  7. Ron

    This works! I had severe tennis elbow with inflammation. Along with changing my racquet and strings, I started to use this. The support really helped and I have been able to continue to play without taking a break. Also, the company stands behind their product and really wants their customers to do well.

  8. Autumn Gallegos

    Product is exactly as described. The postage was super fast.

  9. Aleesha Brook

    I’ve had many of these braces from different companies. This is the most well made thus far. Thank you.

  10. Chrissy

    I’ve been using it for a week following a sprain. It fits perfectly, I wear it for most of the day and do not feel any discomfort. Adjustable thanks to the velcro straps that perfectly hold hours and hours. Soft but resistant from a notable feeling of containment and relief of fatigue on the knee. Very high quality!

  11. Emily-Jane

    Good quality for the price. Much better than the one they gave my husband at the doctors office. He said it works great and he would choose this over the standard one from the doctors, that one fell apart in a week. Hes been wearing these every day for about a month and they’re still in great shape.

  12. Zach

    Thank you for the prompt delivery. Tried it yesterday and first impressions was great! Better than my old ones by a long shot! I can see this lasting me a very long time.

  13. ChrisR

    Works well. Thanks!

  14. Louise Morton

    Super comfy and effective + great quality materials, AND one size actually fits all / easy to adjust and find right fit… much better than others I’ve purchased.

  15. Matt

    Well made, good quality.

  16. Evelyn Swan

    Super fast shipping and great pricing. Used it for over 4 weeks, and it greatly reduced the pain and inflammation. It’s a bit stiff at first but after a couple of wears fits perfectly. Overall would recommend the product.

  17. Anisa Conway

    Exactly as described, comfortable, easy to put on & wear, not flimsy but strong & supportive. Would definitely recommend

  18. Robbie Jimenez

    Prompt delivery, quality exceeded my expectations and good pricing. Bought on sale with free delivery.

  19. Marc Davenport

    Great product!! So happy I made this purchase! Helps alot with my tennis elbow

  20. Phil P

    Comfortable and very supportive.

  21. Steven Compton

    Whenever I throw a ball hard or even by pulling anything hard, I get a sharp pain in my elbows and joint. This kind of pain is really uncomfortable and sometimes lasts for a long time, making me afraid to do certain tasks. I tried different ointments and they helped somewhat. This is the first time I have used a tennis elbow sleeve. I’m not sure if I have tennis elbow, but reading information about the symptoms makes me think that I have. These elbow supports can provide the support needed when using the arm. Place them close to the elbow by using tight velcro, which seems to help relieve the pain. These braces help relieve pressure on the elbow muscles when used. I wear these braces to complete repetitive tasks, and it can really help. The braces are of good quality, and the adhesive Velcro helps to keep the braces in place. If you have discomfort or pain in your elbow, I strongly recommend that you give these braces a go.

  22. GuyV

    I’ve been suffering from bad tennis elbow for years now and never did anything about it until now. This brace is well made, the silicon contact on the muscle is comfortable, just the right firmness and is quite large providing a good grip. The velcro straps are very strong and adjustable for a comfortable fit. After wearing it the first day, I did get some relief and plan on wearing it everyday.

  23. Susie

    The product works as expected. It appears to be very well-made and should last me a long time.

  24. Mischa Brook

    Item exactly the same as in the photos and arrived in time. Only worn a few times and you can tell the material used is pretty top notch (at lease compared to my previous ones). See how it goes after a while but so far a solid recommendation from me.

  25. Brittany

    Feels great and helps relieve the pain. Shipped fast and a great product!

  26. Vienna Whitley

    Can’t believe such a little thing can make such a huge difference to my tennis elbow. Well, badminton elbow. It provides great support and suppresses the pain so that I can actually play for the whole night. Afterwards, and when I take it off, I can still feel a dull pain but I found that the more I wear the strap, the lesser the pain so it could be that it actually helps with the recovering process. I’m glad that I bought this elbow strap and you would too if you have tennis elbow.

  27. Layton H

    Does the job well

  28. Tylor

    Much better than the ones from the pharmacy and from shops. The silicon gel is bigger so supports a greater area, greatly reducing the pain. The material is very smooth and comfortable. It’s going to last me a long time. Great stuff. I am happy. Thank you.

  29. Ben W

    Innerfire is a great brand and it’s product is superior to most store bought crap including the ones from the chemists. Highly recommend giving them a go. You won’t be disappointed.

  30. Damon Whitehead

    Make no mistake, This brace isn’t a cure unfortunately, but it certainly helps to alleviate the pain caused by my ‘tennis elbow’. It is well made, reasonably comfortable (as far as these things go) and fully adjustable. With a velcro closure on each side of the brace it is a one-size-fits-most kinda deal, so it can be expanded to fit someone with larger sized forearms if necessary. I’ve only worn it for a day, but it has already significantly reduced the pain/strain I feel in my wrist and forearm to only an occasssional twinge when I’m not being careful.

  31. Ryan W

    Been lifting many years until my epicondylitis starting acting up. On the advice of my doctor, he suggested trying this type of band when lifting. I was worried because I do have larger forearms (over 14 inches resting, and over 15 inches when flexing). I have just used this band for my last two workouts, and am very surprised how well they work. This band in particular held up even during heavy work. I had to reposition the velcro a little to adjust for tension but once I got the placement right, it was very comfortable. The pain reduction was very noticeable. Recommended!

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