Why Airprene®

Neoprene is a fabric known for its good chemical stability and heat retaining properties and has been used to make wetsuits and supporting braces in sporting industry for years.

However, neoprene, while providing good thermal properties tends not to be very breathable. As a result, moisture is accumulated on the skin under long periods of time. Excessive heat build-up is also an issue and can cause discomfort.

What if we told you there was something that provided both the thermal properties of neoprene that promotes circulation but also the breathability for longer lasting wears? Enter the Airprene®. Aiprene® is an advancement in neoprene fabrication using a patented process where multiple small perforations are extended through the close cell form of the neoprene. This allows air to circulate rather than being trapped. The result is moisture accumulation on the skin is greatly reduced and the discomfort of excessive heat due to prolonged use is virtually eliminated. The muscles, tendons and ligaments stay loose, flexible and warm.

airprene material

Products with Airprene®

ankle brace by Inner-Fire

Ankle Brace

knee brace with stays by inner-fire

Knee Brace

knee strap with silicone by inner-fire

Knee Strap

elbow strap with silicone by inner-fire

Elbow Brace