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About Inner-Fire Australia

Inner-Fire Australia is 100% Australia owned and operated. Having been lifelong sports and active lifestyle enthusiasts, we admit there are times when physical circumstances prevented us from doing what we enjoy. Inner-Fire’s mission is to create a unique line of compression garment and braces that would help prevent and protect against injuries, promote faster recovery while improving performance.

                ‘Prevent and protect against injuries, faster recovery while improving performance’

By combining the best of sports science and internationally recognised medical practises (FDA, CE and ISO 13485 Certified) we believe we have engineered what we set out to do.


Airprene® – Neoprene for many years has been the material of choice for injury recovery braces and deep water diving apparel for it’s heat retaining properties. 

This means it is excellent at promoting blood circulation around injured muscles and joints thus promoting faster recovery and healing. However, neoprene’s thermal properties means moisture can accumulate on the skin under long periods of wear causing discomfort. 

Aiprene® is an advancement in neoprene fabrication using a patented process where multiple small perforations are extended through the close cell form of the neoprene. This allows air to circulate rather than being trapped. The result is moisture accumulation on the skin is greatly reduced and the discomfort of excessive heat due to prolonged use is virtually eliminated. The muscles, tendons and ligaments stay loose, flexible and warm.

coolmax technology benefits

Coolmax® – Fabric made with COOLMAX® technology transports moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days. Fiber structures provide insulation on colder days.

Scientifically proven to perform up to 35% better than cotton, Coolmax® keeps you cooler for longer so you can keep on keepin’ on.


The unique features and benefits of our products include:

 Made from FDA, CE and ISO 13485 certified, high quality, ultra-durable materials.

 Aids in joint and muscle recovery and relief from arthritis, aches and pain while boosting performance.

 Promotes circulation for faster recovery

 Anti-bacterial material minimises odour

 Coolmax® and airprene® technology to wick away sweat for longer lasting relief and comfort

 Simple design for easy application

Inner-Fire : Freedom to do what you love everyday.