Knee Brace with Stays by Inner-Fire

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FDA, CE and ISO 13485 Certified. High quality, ultra durable knee brace with spiral stays. Protects and alleviates pain associated with weak, injured, arthritic and runners knee. One size fits all

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Advanced Stability and Support
Spiral stays on both sides of brace helps to reduce pain and discomfort by applying stability and support while preventing overexertion of the joint.

Long Lasting Comfort and Relief
The Inner-Fire Advanced Knee Brace is made from Coolmax® and Airprene® technology that helps to wick away sweat for longer lasting relief and comfort.

Quality Assurance
Inner-Fire Advanced Knee brace is made from high quality materials and technology standards (FDA, CE and ISO 13485 Certified) that provide excellent durability.

Ergonomic Design provides tailored fitting and comfort

Simple design allows for easy application that can be fitted in seconds. Its simple yet effective adjustable Velcro design accommodates most knee sizes while providing comfort all day everyday.

Product Specifications

  •          Protects and alleviates pain associated with weak, injured, arthritic and runners knee
  •          Promotes circulation for faster recovery
  •          For men and women
  •          Aiprene® and Coolmax® technology helps to wick away sweat for longer lasting relieve and comfort
  •          Spiray stays provide extra stabilisation for patella reducing pain and fatigue
  •          Anti-bacterial material minimises odor
  •          Ergonomic design for easy application
  •          Composition: Coolmax@, neoprene, nylon, spandex, st
  •          For men & women
  •          One size fits most
  •          FDA, CE and ISO 13485 Certified

58 reviews for Knee Brace with Stays by Inner-Fire

  1. Pete

    Turns out a return to tennis meant a return to a tweaked knee. I have three or four other knee braces left from years of sports. This is easily the most adjustable, most supportive, and (at that level of support) the most comfortable among them.

  2. Daniella

    I love to hike and found that I need a little extra support in my knees for those really long ones.
    I had tried other knee support braces in the past including cheapo ones from Ebay amongst others, but they would always chafe the back of my legs. I decided to give these a try and they are absolutely fantastic! Very comfortable to wear and they really help me on my longer hikes. Highly recommended!

  3. Dianne

    I have arthritis in my knee as well as a bone spur. This knee support is amazing and I can walk a couple kilometres now when I wear it. It doesn’t stop the pain, but it definitely makes it tolerable. I love that it’s allowing me to be active again.

  4. Francis

    Was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. My right knee had cartilage removed a bucket handle tear about 12 years ago, and now it is becoming quite sore if I try to walk more than about 10 kms.

    Since I am trying to lose weight, I would like to walk more than that.Yesterday, I tried out the Innerfire brace and was able to walk for 4 hours nonstop. My knee feels just fine, so tomorrow I will be able to walk more.

  5. Tina

    My husband had knee surgery. He stated that using this he helped with the healing process. He’s still using it occasionally. My daughter runs track and wants to use it as well.

  6. Jane

    Have had extreme knee pain caused by arthritis and bone on bone. While the sleeve didn’t completely erase the pain, it certainly did help. I would recommend this product for pain relief.

  7. Collin

    Best knee pad for playing basketball. It provides solid support while still providing great mobility.

  8. Deb

    My husband and I both have knee issues. He did skateboarding and has damaged his knees over the years. I have arthritis in my right knee from a fall many years ago. We were both hoping to use this brace as needed to get additional support.

    This knee brace fit my husband well and he’s been wearing it whenever he has large projects around the house. He does a lot of building and tinkering that requires him to lift heavy tools and materials, that are hard on his knees.

    He said that when he wears this during his projects that can last several hours, his knee feels very supported and he doesn’t suffer from as much stiffness and tenderness after his projects.

  9. Elisa

    Now I must say this product is really good. It keep the blood circulating and also keeps my knee feeling no pain at all. I don’t have a lot of pain in my knee before I got this product but I started to feel a little from walking all day carrying packages from the warehouse. So when I got the product and used it already for 6 days I really didn’t feel any pain at all. This knee sleeve took it completely away.

    This product is a must have. It feels great to have on. Does not feel uncomfortable. Excellent customer service and shipping was excellent. Got my package on time. Thanks for the making of this knee brace.

  10. Kevin

    I wanted to write my review only after a month of decent testing.

    Good product and came as advertised.
    As for how it works? Not sure if it’s a placebo effect, but as a compression sleeve it feels good. I have a knee issue that doesn’t quite necessitate a brace, but sometimes after a long drive or after I play hockey, my knee feels like it needs to be “reigned in” for lack of a better description. The compression sleeve works really well at keeping everything, well, compressed. My knee feels secure without feeling like completely locked into place like with some braces.

    I’ve worn it during 3 hockey games and after and it feels good. I honestly don’t know if it helps me recover faster, I’m not in peak physical condition, but it does ease my pain when my knee is acting up.

    It’s gone through the wash once, and seems to hold up well.

  11. Billy N.

    Quite satisfied helped with my knee pain.

  12. Karen

    The Inner-fire Knee brace is a good quality compression brace. I was having a little pain in my left knee when I apply any type of pressure on it. It became even more aggravated during exercise such as hiking or walking up stairs. So I was especially looking forward to using this.

    I took some time off from exercise and immediately began wearing the sleeve during my routine daily activities. The sleeve was very easy to slip on and very comfortable to wear. And it wasn’t too particularly tight as I had originally imagined it to be. It doesn’t slide or slip at all. The sleeve stays put throughout the day.

    I did not try wearing the sleeve while sleeping as I didn’t feel it necessary. But during the day, for me, the results were very positive. I highly recommend this for the Knee.

  13. Clarice F

    Excellent knee brace, good grip on the knee, used after meniscus surgery, it helps me a lot not to twist my knee.

  14. Mathilde

    Prompt delivery, quality exceeded my expectations and good pricing. Bought on sale with free delivery.

  15. Maddox O’Neill

    This is a life saver especially for working days where my knees get no rest. Really satisfied

  16. Eren H

    Bought this for a torn meniscus. Tried this twice for running and so far has found it to be a great help. It dampens the pain to a manageable level. Having already tried three other braces, this is the best one so far. Will order more in the future.

  17. AliaG

    Great knee brace of excellent fabric and compression even after washing: easy to apply and has good perspiration wicking.

  18. Dale Cuevas

    “The product is accurate to description and photos. I bought it for a knee sprain and I must say that it did its job … now I use it when I have to walk a lot or when I go to the gym to get some needed support …. Fantastic product and I recommend it to everyone.

  19. Kathryn Macfarlane

    Comfortable compression knee brace for running and doing exercise and prevent injuries. Recommended.

  20. Talha N

    Brace that is easy to put on and very useful for keeping the knee in place. The velcro allows you to adjust it better, shipping is super fast.

  21. Matt Compton

    Purchased for my granddad who suffers from knee pain, and was struggling to walk .. very good and ergonomic band. Recommended.

  22. Ollie

    I find this brace quite stable and dampens the pain, I personally use it to play tennis, as is all things you have to get used to it.

  23. AnwenC

    I have a torn meniscus problem and lately it had become a torture! Since using it I have no more problems. Recommended!

  24. Jac

    Very effective brace. I use it during my intense workouts and I no longer have knee pain!

  25. Elsie-May E

    I found this brace very useful, easy to put on, it uses lateral stabilizers that keep the knee stable. Since wearing it my knee pain has significantly decreased to an acceptable level, so in my opinion the brace does its job beautifully and I recommend it.

  26. Robson

    Bought this for my father in law and he’s used it for about a month and I have to say it was a good buy. Sure it hasn’t completed healed his injuries but it helped him alleviate the pain while waiting for it to be operated on.

  27. Gregor

    Item exactly the same as in the photos and arrived in time. Only worn a few times and you can tell the material used is pretty top notch (at lease compared to my previous ones). See how it goes after a while but so far a solid recommendation from me.

  28. AKirby

    Comfy and practical, maintins it’s position while moving and supports the knee very well. Ordered and received the next day in Sydney metro. Highly recommended

  29. Maxine Branch

    Didn’t think such a simple brace will help with my knee pain but it did. Highly recommended for people with knee pain!

  30. Huey D

    Good product as soon as you put it right is a bit stiff I suggest to be patient because it is only by using it that the stiffness decreases however it helped me in a leg workout in the gym to have more stability

  31. Shay Acosta

    It’s the best brace I’ve ever tried. I have one that is much more expensive that was bought in store, but I find it very uncomfortable. I also tried the “less bulky” type but not one had ever given me the feeling of comfort and stability of this brace. 5 stars.

  32. Harper-Rose

    Knee brace purchased for an elderly person who complained of knee pain. Excellent price and fast shipping. Product arrived on schedule, and was very easy to use. Good material and workmanship, excellent fit and comfort and actually does what it promises, bringing relief from knee pain.

  33. Xander

    The product arrived on time. Quality is good and comfortable enough. From the images it seemed slimmer but in reality it has a nice thickness, however, due to a generous padding, with the velcro adjustments you can get a really precise adjustment, at least at the moment as it is new, also in this case I will see with time if velcro still sticks or not but at this time highly recommended.

  34. Jemma

    Product arrived in time and exactly as described. Recommended

  35. Ronan B

    The quality / price ratio is right, perfect. The materials are of good quality, I use it for some amateur soccer to stabilize and protect the knee from a slight discomfort.

  36. Malaika

    Holds the knee well and comfy to use

  37. JovanL

    Excellent knee support for flexibility and stability. The wrapping is good, and well made.

  38. E.Rayner

    Excellent product and quality. Easy to put on and fits just right with adjustment velcro. Very fast shipping. I highly recommend it .

  39. GlennR

    I use this for hiking all the time. It alleviates the pain and makes it manageable to go on day long hikes. Without this, it won’t be possible without frequent stopping.

  40. JasmineW

    Awaiting knee surgery and this knee support enabled me to continue working and gave great support, easy to wear and looks smart too.

  41. WilburM

    I ordered this because I have damaged my knee ligaments and want to continue exercising without putting any additional burden on the wound. The money is worth it. Very comfortable and will not affect my exercise.

  42. Zena

    Exactly as described, comfortable, easy to put on & wear, not flimsy but strong & supportive. Would definitely recommend

  43. KonradB

    Fast delivery, very good product, gives good support and relief to my knee.

  44. MichaelS

    I had damage to my ACL and needed a support. I work on my feet most days so had this on most of the time. This keeps my knees in place and is very comfortable. Fast delivery. Highly recommended.

  45. Jeff

    Product is exactly as described. The postage was super fast.

  46. Jorja Garrett

    I have tried many knee braces, and this is definitely the best of all of them. Don’t slip your feet, just place the supporting Velcro strap firmly and place it in place to get strong support. I have had advanced osteoarthritis for 5 years but with this support, I can move around without overextending or worrying about lateral displacement. Highly recommended.

  47. Susie Buckley

    I bought this brace for the constant pain in my knee. I must say that it felt very comfortable, it limits the movement of the knee a little, but it gives great support and therefore also good pain relief. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but it also warms up a little when I wear it. I feel good. Great product.

  48. Vivian

    Much better than the knee sleeves you buy from stores. It is comfy to wear and provides extra stability on the side. Going to buy another pair as spare.

  49. Sarah-Jane

    I am using this knee brace during physical activity after surgery. It helps a lot in keeping the knee more stable and avoiding the microtrauma injury typical of when the supporting muscles are not yet at their best.

  50. Donna

    My knee is not good, my friend told me about this and it helped me a lot. Thanks!

  51. Steven Denton

    I love this product, having damaged my knee while walking in holiday this brace does what it’s supposed to do.

  52. John

    Does a great job or stabilising my knees

  53. Tabitha Mccall

    I’ve been using it for a week following a sprain. It fits perfectly, I wear it for most of the day and do not feel any discomfort. Adjustable thanks to the velcro straps that perfectly hold hours and hours. Soft but resistant from a notable feeling of containment and relief of fatigue on the knee. Very high quality / price ratio!

  54. Latoya Duarte

    This knee brace is very good! Material is comfortable and holds my kneecap completely! Very good buy!

  55. Z.Burnett

    This product was a miracle because it allow me to finish the lawn bowls tournament, giving great support to the knee. Excellent product, economical, robust, light and not bulky, highly recommended.

  56. NSquires

    Fast shipping. Closed joint envelope provides good support with adjustable velcro. Quite durable and soft. Good knee brace.

  57. Conna Marks

    My left knee had a frustrating and persistant pain and where I live there’s a lot of up and down hills made it was really hard to walk. Now the pain is not gone, but it is much more bearable and I walk decently even allowing myself some hikes. I wear it all day, even if sometimes I feel a little discomfort, and at night I don’t feel the pain anymore. I would say I made a good choice.

  58. Rebeca A.

    This brace is much better than other sleeves/compressions that you buy on the market. Difference is night and day since it actually dampens the pain. I now use this pretty much everywhere I go. The other sleeves provides a little restriction but does nothing really besides keeping your leg warm in the winter.

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